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Seven miniature perfume bottles, 

half-way or more filled with perfume and all with Jon Bernad's belly button lint.

A bambi, a snail, a tortoise, a giraffe, a worm, a swan, a mouse


A jar filled with rainbow-coloured hundreds and thousands, 

leftovers from SmallSips Art Shakes


Yellowed CatFrog sculpture and yellow sex toy copies, gifted by Audrey Cottin.

Sex toys include: a long smooth pointy oval shape; a small bristly thimble type object; three conjoined rings (soft); small to large soft balls on a string; something ovary shaped; a miniature brush on a ring; a hollow ball on a triangular cone; a 30cm long hard banana shaped piece of plastic with circular indentations on the end 


2 x 3m length of soft black velvet fabric


Two Checker's House Brand Beauty Soap; Lavender and Green, donated by Francis Burger for a Sober & Lonely Raffle


Nine brown cardboard archive boxes containing previous Sober & Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art project documentation and objects


One Lotto ticket and personal note clipped with a bulldog clip


Two fabric cushions with gold trim from the Oriental Plaza; a mouse in a three piece suit with a blue background; a floral scene with four Renaissance ladies


Colour poster of fortune-telling rabbits and Mr Martin Hase, courtesy of Anne Schiffer


One 24 litre plastic Spar bag containing one Spar paper receipt for seven miscellaneous items dated 1 April 2014 ('Always remember you are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, SMARTER than you think & twice as BEAUTIFUL as you'd ever IMAGINED!!')


*with special thanks to Samantha McCulloch & Christopher Williams-Wynn, and Gwydion Beynon