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After the anti-debut of BANANABRAINSHITHOUSE in 2013, the hermit recording project returns with a new instrumental mixtape, VOLUME NO. 2. This limited edition (only 9 available worldwide!!) cassette is made up of 42 new tracks of wiry guitar interplay and warbly keyboard tones ringing out over a backing track of tinny Casiotone beats, boxy percussion and lo-fi bass, forming Banana Brains’ singular “lo-fro” sound.

If you don't own a cassette player, you can listen on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/bananabrainshithouse). Alternatively, if you live in Jozi, you can send us your address via email (soberandlonely@gmail.com) and we can take you for a drive around town with Banana Brains playing on the cassette player -- VOLUME NO.2 is the ultimate driving soundtrack this season!

*price excludes shipping

Banana Brains VOLUME NO. 2 cassette