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Genna Gardini is a long time internet BFF of Sober & Lonely. She has written love poems between our garden plants and hers, poem prophecies (poemecies!) for An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World and also Angry Girl for SLLSFFM. We're delighted to stock her debut poetry collection in our store!

More about Matric Rage:

The eagerly-awaited debut from one of the country’s most exciting young poets, Matric Rage is Genna Gardini’s reckoning with youth, womanhood and mortality. With hyper-literate, humorous and often heartbreaking poems, Gardini signals a wind change in South African poetry – where the personal is not just political, but polemical, too. In sickness and sex, misogyny and manners, this is a collection that, above all, showcases a powerful writer coming unapologetically into her own.

Matric Rage - Genna Gardini