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First reflection


Is there a reason why I should be thinking about Jane Goodall? My initial response is of course not. And the instinct to stop writing at this moment is larger and more urgent than it was before. 


I thought of different ways of approaching this text, and of course that alone was an exercise that almost prevented me from putting ideas onto the keyboard (paper). 


Goodall came to my awareness insidiously, through a recent multiple choice list of interesting things/facts/people/animals and other esoteric idea(ologie)s - one that I had to twice read out loud. Although, the amount of options from which to gauge one’s fancy [according to one’s intellect] was of unrivalled nature. 


Jane Goodall stood out as a character in midst of monkeys and dolphins. A human name after all, someone I could relate to on a human level. I would engage with her, from her history.


Second reflection


A character. A human who had some sort of possible interesting life - or her name would not have been part of such an illustrious list. Goodall was to be my object of research for the following days, which unfortunately turned into weeks. 


One could say that Goodall is more East African than I will ever be originating from Mozambique.

In a way this pissed me off. In fact it affected me intensely. 


Goodall spent a large number of years in Tanzania, marrying twice. Ah East Africa… who could not fall in love with that region? For monkeys and chimpanzees and man alike? One of the biggest facts about the African continent is that a large number of sagacity generates from that region [broad generalization].

I do get it why the chimpanzees in Gombe National Park were such perfect subjects (only when named and treated with compassion) for long year studies. 


Third reflection


Even with my  ‘East African’ connections - I had no idea about Jane Goodall. I could argue facts such as language (English) that may have created barriers around access to this specific content from a young age. In which case I could have gauged Goodall’s expertise for I had a monkey pet for a number of years. Unlike Goodall my monkey did not have a name. It was just ‘our’ monkey.  


And to take it even further, I would speculate that knowing of her could have propelled me to create my own ‘Banana Republic’ in a dilettantish manner. Even though, it was just one un[named] monkey. 



The last reflection 


If Jane Goodall were a chimpanzee, what kind would she be? 


My opinion is that she would be a compassionate, republic creator, vegetarian and patient one.

Or I could also argue that she got all of the above traits from the chimpanzees in exchange to live fully lived around them. 


The fact is that I could go on, but I chose not to.





. Mostly from Wikipedia, whilst there, you should donate. 

. Portuguese Mozambique or Portuguese East Africa are the common terms by which 'Mozambique' is designated when referring to the historic period when it was a Portuguese overseas territory


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