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Get started. Communicate your running desires.



#1 You can email soberandlonely@gmail.com to ask about membership or suggest your running fantasy

(they make it happen, sometimes).





#2 Call me. We'll do some "long-distance running," meaning we'll introduce ourselves and run as we speak

long-distance. I will gossip about the founders of the club and conduct a short interview for membership,

where I ask you repeatedly if you are really running. You can reach me anytime on Viber or Whatsapp 


(+1 703 489 2336).

Creative runs are dreamed, solicited, commissioned, received, and executed not just at the

headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, but also in satellite locations around the world.



Just to be clear: email them or call me, Jon Bernad. To run a run, or just for fun.


Fancy runs. Careful runs. Clever runs. Lazy runs. Meditation runs. Synchronized runs. Artist-designed-matching-t-shirt runs. And so forth.


But every other kind of run will also be considered. 


 SLRC: We look forward to running away with you 



*Run historians rejoice: the Sober and Lonely Running Club Archive (SLRC-A) is a collection of run-related moments from the past, present, and future.


[example: http://www.ahmetogut.com/ahmetwebrunning.html]]





Famous runners / famous people running: alan turing, just saw a lecture which discussed him as a runner by artist Jeff Guess called: "Team Spirit, an illustrated lecture on sports and the rise of intelligent machines." 



**Special thanks to Quinten Edward Williams, our unofficial prince